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PMS – what you need to know

A Short Guide to PMS and what you can do to help

PMS…. These three little letters mean different things to different women. For some women, they use the term to refer to menstrual cramps, for others its used to refer to changes in their mood or a combination of other symptoms related to their menstrual cycle. It’s a term that is used quite a lot, and most women will experience some form of PMS throughout the course of their lives.


It’s hard to believe it’s already been 6 months since I’ve stepped back from my practice to take some time for myself to recharge and focus on my own wellness journey. I’m so grateful I was able to take the leap to give myself the space and time to reflect and focus on my health and how I can better serve those in need.

I started off the break spending 6 weeks in beautiful Nelson, BC where I spent most of my time in nature exploring and hiking the Kootenays. I bought a hiking guide and most days would wake up, open the pages then drive to a destination to explore. It was great to have the flexibility to choose my own adventure and spend lots of quiet time in the woods. The views were spectacular and my favourite was hiking in the alpine after the first snow.

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