Weight Management

A Six-Week Jump Start to a New Healthier You!

Weight Management

Are you looking to lose weight? Regain your energy? This six week program is geared to teaching you what to eat and when. When we eat the right foods at the right time we can re-start our metabolism to help burn more fat. We all know healthy weight loss doesn’t happen over night. This lifestyle program is going to provide you with tools to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes so you can sustainably lose weight and improve your health.

Everyone gains weight for different reasons, and it’s important to discover why. Sometimes it can be because we simply eat too much and sometimes it creeps on as a sign that something isn’t quite right in our bodies. Is it your thyroid? Are your hormones out of balance? Have you been through a stressful situation and your cortisol levels are high? With each patient a thorough health intake is completed so we can ensure we correct any metabolic, hormonal or nutrient imbalances to ensure a successful journey back to health.

Six Week Jump Start Program Includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your personal health goals
  • Routine physical exam
  • Lab testing to investigate any underlying reasons why you are gaining weight or having trouble losing weight
  • Individualized treatment plan to restore balance in your body
  • Nutritional support and an individualized treatment plan including:
    • Weekly Meal Plan, Grocery lists
    • Recipes
    • Food Journal
    • Weekly Educational Handout
    • Additional: Metabolic Shots, IV Therapies

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Dr. Coolsaet will be closing her practice at the end of December, 2023.

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